Wardrobe Freshener Ercole - Cotton Bouquet

$10.95 $8.00

Ercole is a joyful character who brings a positive and reassuring attitude to any bad odours standing in its way! Wrapping around hangers while standing guard over the watchtower of your closet, Ercole prepares odour defence as a pleasant aroma source derived from natural fragrance oils.

Scent your life with the Ercole Hanging Closet Freshener! Ercole loves nothing more than hanging in your wardrobe and wrapping his arms around your coat hangers to surround your favourite clothes with a beautiful scent.

Ercole is a solid air freshener made from EVA, a thermoplastic and non-toxic polymer. It contains natural essential oils accompanying a neutralising molecule with long-lasting aggressive effects against unpleasant odours to bring you maximum protection. Available in 6 different colour and alcohol-free scent varieties. Made in Italy for both Men’s or Women’s wardrobes.

Product size: 4 x 7 cm

Available Fragrances

In every Mr&Mrs fragrance you will find original, ambient perfumery based on deep research and passion. All of our collection is made in Italy, conceived and designed by expert French and Italian perfume masters. We are always curious about new olfactory trends and we are proud to offer you our selection of intriguing and unique fragrances, made from essential oils.

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