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Niki – Pure

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Niki is the perfect travelling companion. Niki hugs you, says hello to you and wants to go a long way with you. Niki is trendy, outgoing and smells nice. Niki enjoys watching the world from your car. A journey without Niki is a journey without emotions.

Niki has a universal clip that will fit on any airway in your car and has 15 different looks ranging from metallic to herringbone, soft touch to bling – meaning there’s always the perfect Niki to keep you company and ensure your car stays beautifully fragranced when you drive.

Niki is refillable. Your Niki comes with an initial fragrance, which can then be replaced with any of the 15 beautiful fragrances available in the Niki range (the refills are re-attached to the back). All fragrances are made from 100% essential oils and conceived by French and Italian fragrance masters.

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“We wanted a prominent Italian designer with a wealth of experience to help us express the values of italian production – based of functionality and irony – while developing the forms and materials. The result is a delightful, passion – filled design that is charged with humanity and emotion. This is emotional design.”

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