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Arguably the star of the collection, George is the future of home fragrance. Mr&Mrs Fragrance has introduced to the home perfumery industry a newly conceived technique of “sonic-fragrance diffusion”, where the scent is combined with the power of sound and music, in an easy and playful way.

George also comes with a Bluetooth speaker option, to merge the senses of sound and smell. Create your special place and enhance your mood and experience through your favourite music and favourite fragrances. An innovative and unique approach to fragrance diffusion and sensory pleasure.

George stands approximately 30cm and comes with a rechargeable battery so you can take him around the house with you.

Fragrances are diffused through unique capsules which have been designed to ensure a constant, faithful and efficient diffusion of the perfume. The Mr&Mrs Capsules on air®, contain highly advanced polymers, that encapsulate all of the ingredients composing the fragrance, and are alcohol free.

There are over 30 different fragrances, all made from 100% certified essential oils. The fragrances have been conceived and designed by Italian and French fragrance masters. The most recent collection, released in September this year, comprise six new fragrances designed to arouse sensuality.

The capsules last around 8 hours and can be interchanged. So you can have many different capsules and interchange these as your mood dictates.

Every George comes with Black Tea capsule.

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“We wanted a prominent Italian designer with a wealth of experience to help us express the values of italian production – based of functionality and irony – while developing the forms and materials. The result is a delightful, passion – filled design that is charged with humanity and emotion. This is emotional design.”

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