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About Us

Mr&Mrs Fragrance car air fresheners and room air fresheners are now available in Australia. Enjoy the experience of unique and innovative design coupled with French and Italian designed fragrances. Create and enjoy your special secret space with Mr&Mrs Fragrance.

Fragrance is a special way of communicating things about ourselves and it also evokes our memories. It is a personal journal, made of memories of travels, emotions and senses. A fragrance generates sensory snapshots, moments of life that we want to remember and share.

Mr&Mrs Fragrance is the passion of Mr Massimo Esposito and Mrs Simona Guerini who have cultivated over 5 years of collaboration a brand that is representative of the world of perfumes and design, expressed through technology.

Innovation is at the core of the aesthetic-functional research through which the designers working with Mr&Mrs Fragrance characterise every product of the collection. Our designers have worked with iconic brands such as Alessi and are regarded as some of the most prominent emerging designers in Italy. Massimo believes that technology is the future of how we will embrace fragrances. That is why Mr&Mrs Fragrance has been at the forefront of merging sound with fragrance diffusion with a distinct Italian flair.

All of the perfumes by Mr&Mrs Fragrance, meet the most stringent and global safety standards, both for the consumer and the environment. Massimo and Simona have a passion for discovering and merging fragrances from around the globe and have developed a range of some 30 different, unique, really beautiful scents which can match, complement and enhance your mood and experience. The fragrances are alcohol-free and based on 100% certified natural essential oils. They are conceived and designed by French and Italian perfume masters. The quality is evident.

Mr&Mrs Fragrance is today an established brand, distributed in 30 countries.

‘They’re not just inanimate objects – they become personalities in their own right.’

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