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George, innovative design and striking colours with a friendly shape, whose open arms release a world of fragrances into any setting thanks to the scented Mr & Mrs Capsules on air. LUCA TRAZZI

Italian Made Fragrance Diffusers

Mr&Mrs Fragrance products are now available in Australia. Our range of products currently includes car air fresheners and home air fresheners. Enjoy the experience of unique and innovative design coupled with French and Italian designed fragrances. Create and enjoy your special secret space with Mr&Mrs Fragrance. Fragrance is a special way of communicating things about ourselves and it also evokes our memories. It is a personal journal, made of memories of travels, emotions and senses. A fragrance generates sensory snapshots, moments of life that we want to remember and share. All of the perfumes by Mr&Mrs Fragrance, meet the most stringent and global safety standards, both for the consumer and the environment.  The fragrances are alcohol-free and based on 100% certified natural essential oils. They are conceived and designed by French and Italian perfume masters. The quality is evident. Mr&Mrs Fragrance is today an established brand, distributed in 30 countries. Read More

‘They’re not just inanimate objects – they become personalities in their own right.’

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